Sewer Leaks

Sewer Leaks survey method allows clients to view large areas and discover problems that are often difficult to observe, and often continue to contaminate water bodies. Survey techniques include aerial, multi-band infrared platforms guided by autopilot over GIS data layers.

Water Pollution Causes

Water Pollution Issues and Treatment Plants

Water pollution has become common problem all around the world. This is the contamination or pollution of water bodies. These water bodies may include rivers, aquifers, lakes, oceans, and groundwater and much more.  It many degrades environment and occurs when contaminants or pollutants discharged into water bodies directly and indirectly.   Wastewater treatment includes the process an..


What are the effects of pollution?

Environment Pollution is the major problem that the world is facing today. It increases day by day and cause damage to earth. It consists of 5 basic types of pollution including air, water, soil, light and noise.   What is Pollution?   Pollution is the introduction of pollutants into environment. These contaminants or pollutants include chemical substances, pesticides, sewage, foreig..


Water Pollution: Causes and Effects

Water pollution has become the main concern as it is harming our drinking water, food supplies and environment. It is also affecting the health of human, plants and animals life. There may be many reasons of water pollution. It is generally caused by release of toxic and harmful contaminants in water bodies like lake, pond, river and oceans. It just not affects animal and plants but it affects ent..


Causes and Effects of Soil Pollution

Pollution is the major problem of people as it affects our ecosystem adversely and also affects the health of animals and human beings. Water pollution and soil pollution have increases at large extent in last few years.    Soil pollution or contamination is caused by presence of chemicals and other pollutants in soil environment. These chemicals or contaminants may produce due to impr..


Main causes of water pollution

Millions of people have no access to safe water and many lack access to sanitation. People are facing lots of diseases and health issues due to contaminated and unsafe water available for drinking and doing other chores. Pollution has become the main problem that affects environment and human life adversely and water pollution has become the main concern of almost every country of this world. Ther..