How does water pollution affect the environment?

How Does Water Pollution Affect The Environment?

How does water pollution affect the environment?

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies such as groundwater, river, lakes, oceans and many more. This contamination can be the main cause of environmental degradation. Water pollution causes environmental degradation by various means. Many pollutants discharge in water bodies directly or indirectly and cause water pollution. Untreated sewage is considered as the major source of water pollution and this is the largest source of water pollution in many countries.

Other water pollutants may include agricultural runoff and pollutants by industries. It may occur by much mechanism but normally it is caused by dumping sewage and industrial wastage into the water bodies. These are the toxic pollutants that are also come from the toxic substances used in agriculture and runs off into water bodies. There are billings of people in this world and they dispose sewage waste in water and this is the major problem of the environmental pollution. Nowadays peopledont even have access to drink safe water. Many people dnt have proper and hygienic toilet facilities and sanitization and sewage disposal has increased.

Sewage disposal is affecting the environment and also causing water related human diseases like diarrhea. Some people don’t have proper flush toilets to take sewage waste hygienically and quickly away from their homes and they suffer from the water poll ton.  Sewage disposal problem is not only associated with home but when you flush it, your sewage goes somewhere and causes pollution. Sometimes sewage is left untreated and dumped into the sea through long pipe.

Sewage is a natural substance and it contains all other chemicals like paper, plastic, other waste that people flush via toilets. Sewage should be broken down simply and harmlessly in the environment. Soil Pollution by Sewage is also very common.

Polluted water can affect the health of human beings. When people drink the contaminated water, they may suffer from the disease caused by microorganism like typhoid, hepatitis, dysentery and cholera. Water pollution is one of the main Causes of Environmental Pollution. You can browse to know more about the environment factors that causes water and soil pollution and how this problem can be cured in easy manner.


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