Main Causes Of Water Pollution

Main causes of water pollution

Millions of people have no access to safe water and many lack access to sanitation. People are facing lots of diseases and health issues due to contaminated and unsafe water available for drinking and doing other chores. Pollution has become the main problem that affects environment and human life adversely and water pollution has become the main concern of almost every country of this world. There may be lots of reasons of contamination of water. There are several causes of water pollution and the main of them are briefly described as follow:


Industrial wastage


Many water bodies are contaminated by industrial wastage and these effluents are toxic to life forms that use this water. There are many industries that contribute of waste water including steel plants, paper mills, sugar industry, textile industries and many more.



Agricultural Runoff

Traces of pesticides and fertilizers are wasted into the water bodies whenever there is heavy rain or monsoon. Many harmful agricultural inputs are diffused throughout the river basin and these are considered as source of pollution.



Rapid urbanization in major countries of world has given rise to environmental problems like waste water generation,  water supply, water pollution, water collection, water treatment problem and disposal issues. Many towns came up on the river banks and face the problem of sewerage and wastewater disposal. There is no proper way to treat wastewater or sewerage that causes Contamination of Water and Soil by Sewage. In many cases wastewater is left untreated and cause Soil Pollution by Sewage and large scale pollution on water surface. Many water treatment facilities like Water Treatment Sludge and many more are available to remove traces of metals and pollutants in water.  We need to be aware about the environment cleanliness. We can make our society pollution free and clean by putting our efforts. We are also responsible to create wastewater that left untreated and become the main cause of water pollution.


There are so many facilities and techniques have introduced to deal with these kinds of problems and identify leaks from the underground sewer lines situated near river banks. There are so many companies that help municipalities to locate possible water pollution.


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