Water Pollution: Causes And Effects

Water Pollution: Causes and Effects

Water pollution has become the main concern as it is harming our drinking water, food supplies and environment. It is also affecting the health of human, plants and animals life. There may be many reasons of water pollution. It is generally caused by release of toxic and harmful contaminants in water bodies like lake, pond, river and oceans. It just not affects animal and plants but it affects entire ecosystem including soil, natural resources and material on this earth. Once water becomes contaminated it becomes harmful for consumption due to toxic chemicals.


What are the main sources of water pollution?

 There are lots of Sources of Waste Water include brine, acid mine drainage, cooling tower, combined sewer, fecal sludge, industrial effluents, manure, Contamination Of Water And Soil By Sewage,  return flow, papermaking, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, sewage, storm drain, sewage sludge, toilet, storm drain, urban runoff, sanitary sewer and many more.



 What are the effects of water pollution?

 It may affect our ecosystem adversely. Water pollution is responsible for acid rain, infection and disease among animals add it is also harmful for plant life.



What are the different waste water treatment processes?


 There are many ways to treat wastewater and some of them include Chlorination, Carbon filtration, activated sludge, clarifier, agricultural wastewater treatment, API oil water separator, aerated lagoon, filtration, extended aeration, constructed wetland, imhoff tank, Ion exchange, industrial wastewater treatment, membrane bioreactor, septic tank, sedimentation, secondary treatment, rotating biological contractor, reverse osmosis, waste water treatment plant, UASB, UV germicidal irradiation, trickling filter, stabilization pond, sewage treatment, sewage sludge treatment, settling basin and many more.


What is Water Treatment Sludge?


Sludge is generally a semi solid solution that is formed as sewage sludge from processes taken for water treatment. This can be settled suspension product that is obtained from many industrial wastewater treatment and conventional drinking water treatment. This is a solid residual that is referred as sludge. It produces from industrial wastewater treatment.


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