Water Pollution Issues And Treatment Plants

Water Pollution Issues and Treatment Plants

Water pollution has become common problem all around the world. This is the contamination or pollution of water bodies. These water bodies may include rivers, aquifers, lakes, oceans, and groundwater and much more.  It many degrades environment and occurs when contaminants or pollutants discharged into water bodies directly and indirectly.


Wastewater treatment includes the process and procedures to convert wastewater suitable to use for various purposes.  Water treatment means remove the impurities from waste, contaminated and polluted water. Some processes are also used to treat Contamination of Water and Soil by Sewage.  The physical infra structure that is used to treat wastewater is known as Wastewater treatment plant.


Water treatment facilities and Wastewater treatment plants are found worldwide and it includes potable, wastewater, agricultural and industrial water treatment plants. These plants may be distinguished by the type of wastewater to be treated whether it is industrial, sewage or agricultural waste water.




The wastewater treatment belongs to sanitation with solid waste, human waste, Water Treatment Sludge, sewage treatment, drainage management. By products of this process include sewage sludge, grit, screenings and more. If wastewater is mainly from small industries or households, it is known as sewage. Treatment of municipal sources is called sewage treatment.


Sewage treatment plants or Waste water Treatment Plants


Water and soil pollution by sewage problem is very common. Sewage treatment plants include primary treatment processes and procedures to remove solid materials from waste water. Secondary treatment process includes removing dissolved and suspended organic material. Sewage sludge form in this process undergoes further sludge treatment. Larger municipalities used the treatment process to discharge industrial waste water to sewer systems.


Disposal or reuse Process


Though reuse and disposal process start after treatment, it should be considered first. This is the basis of wastewater treatment.


Processes used

There are many processes are used in waste water treatment include:

Phase separation




Biochemical oxidation

Chemical oxidation



This is all about the whole process of water treatment. There are lots other ways to make your environment pollution free, so work towards a safe and pollution free environment.


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